Oil Paintings:

These works are done on cotton or linen canvases prepared by the artist. The works are done over the period of several weeks or months using thin transparent layers of premium grade pigment over an underpainting or grisaille of umber tones, thus allowing a deep inner luminosity and the capturing of subtle detail. This method of painting was widely practiced in the Renaissance as well as in the 17th-19th century.


All colored as well as graphite pencil drawings are 100% lightfast, and are done on acid free archival quality paper.

About the Artist:


Hello, my name is Julia Passamonti-Colamartino. I was born in 1959.

I am a bilingual first generation Italian-American and full time artist. Each work that I create is unique, with careful attention being paid to workmanship and detail.

My creativity manifests itself through oils and clay: specifically, portraiture, landscape and seascape paintings, still life, and until recently, the reproduction of ancient vessels. My vision is to combine painting with my love for history and create original pieces that reflect who I am and how I see the world around me. My mission is to assemble a body of work and then, find a venue to share it, with art lovers in my community and beyond, in galleries, online, or both. My goal is to continue creating indefinitely.

My passion for things ancient began as a child inspired by frequent visits to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts as well as trips to Italy visiting relatives. There, I saw paintings and vases decorated with ornate, delicate designs that included figures set in ancient landscapes, and I wanted very much to learn how to create them myself. Unfortunately, because these methods were not taught in U.S. schools, it has taken me many years of experimentation to learn them. Although I hold a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and an associate’s degree in graphic design, I am mostly self-taught, always searching for new techniques to expand my horizons. Our studio and gallery is in Las Vegas New Mexico, where I reside with 3 beautiful kitties, wild peacocks and loving neighbors.

A portion of the proceeds helps to feed and care for the kitties, who are all rescues, as well as the wild peacocks that grace our land with their beauty.

Dino Colamartino, my Beloved partner, Soulmate, and Best Friend, transcended this reality in October of 2017. You are sorely missed, my love. RIP (1958-2017)

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Dino and Rocky 12 x 16 Oil on Canvas (2018)

Special Thanks to David Gray, Jason Walcott, Mark Carder,|Lisa Clough of Lachri Fine Art and Kirsty Partridge for generously taking the time to do free video tutorials on YouTube, and whose videos have helped me massively to improve my work.


To commission or buy a painting or drawing, contact us:

c/o Julia Passamonti
12 Camino Romeroville
Las Vegas, New Mexico 87701

(505) 652-1033

We are on US Mountain Time (GMT -7)


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