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ALL pots can be custom-sized to YOUR specifications

100% Food safe COOKPOTS that REALLY WORK, in the oven or on top of the stove, gas or  electric, or over an open flame!  Authentic, a must for very reenactor...

Now made with Mica Red Clay (they will look a little lighter than some of the photos, see example next to photo of Dino, below)
About Mica Red Clay:
This local clay comes from the Manzano Mountains near Albuquerque New Mexico. This clay contains lots of mica flecks and is perfectly suited to withstand heat and thermic shock, thus great for cookware; it can be used on an open flame, gas, wood or electric stove.The clay is very similar to that used by Native Americans of the Southwestern United States for centuries.

NOTE: A diffuser(we like this one the best) is A MUST for use on an electric stove. They are available through us or from Amazon for $10.00.

Special thanks to Marc (Red) Bloom of Pennsylvania for this idea, and for his patience and support while we figured out how to create a useable item that didn't fracture with direct heat. 

NOTE: Pots can be made larger or smaller to fit your specific needs. Just e-mail us with your request at:


Pots available with or without clear glaze inside. Ancient vessels were unglazed.

The advantage of glaze: The pot is easier to clean. Advantage of unglazed: Pot can withstand changes in temperature better, as it is fired at a lower temperature and is thus less brittle than a glazed pot. Traditional ancient pots were not glazed until after the iron age. ALL CLAY POTS leak slightly, whether glazed or unglazed, and will seal with use over time. Complete care instructions provided.



Yassiada P53

Shown here with

Dino's Braided Zinc-Plated Iron Wire NETTING,





In Italy until recently, metal smiths/tinkerers would go door to door offering their services to homeowners.  Wire netting was applied only to a cook's most valuable pots, as the process was time-consuming and costly.  This netting served not only to heat food faster since metal conducts heat, but also to diffuse heat, thus greatly extending the life of the pot.


Dino Colamartino would do the wire netting in house for each piece using hand-braided zinc-plated iron wire or solid 12 gauge copper wire.

RIP Dino

December 30, 1958-

October 26, 2017


You are sorely missed, my love.







Neolithic_3200-1200BCE.jpg (186667 bytes)

Bronze Age Firepot Reproduction 3200-1200 BC

(click to enlarge)

Mouth 4.5 inches (11.2 cm)

Mica Red Clay hand-made with stone and paddle method Stone and Paddle Video

NOTE: Color will be RED, not white

Holds 2 quarts

$85.00Glazed $70.00 Unglazed


FIREPOT WITH LUG HANDLES (Middle Bronze Age I, Hebron area).
Bronze Age 3200-1200 BCE (photo of original)



 Late Archaic (500-480 BCE) Greek Cookpot Reproduction

 Mica Red Clay hand-made with stone and paddle method Stone and Paddle Video

4.5 inches high and 4.5 
inches wide at the mouth (11.2 cm) 

Holds 1 quart

(These CAN be made larger upon request, will cost a little extra.)

$85.00 Glazed $70.00 Unglazed


        Early Archaic (Orientalizing) 700-600 BC
        Middle Archaic 600-500 BC
         Late Archaic 500-480 BC


Archaic-Greek-cook-pot.JPG (21187 bytes) 

This piece is Late Archaic . Described as  as "Thin fire resistant ware, wheel made and then beaten against an anvil called a 'chytra' to compact the clay." This is a good size for one or two people cooking for 

Thanks to Christian and Sarah Cameron

of Toronto CANADA for this idea!




Large Clibanus/Bread Baking Oven

Late Roman Republic-Early Empire Period

Click on Thumbnails to Enlarge


Dimensions:14 inchesDiameter (35cm) x 4 inches (10 cm) tall, 6 inches (15cm) with handle. Bottom plate appx. 1/2 inch (1.3 cm) thick. Made of Mica Red Clay, unglazed.

The lip on the edge is to hold hot coals used for baking.

Can be made smaller. E-Mail us for a price quote.


Thanks to Richard Campbell 

of Virginia USA

Mica Red Clay

Roman Pot "D", AD 60 -250

Holds 1 1/2 Quarts

6 inches (15cm) tall x 6.5 inches (16cm) diameter

$95.00 Glazed(inside) $80.00 Unglazed (PLAIN)





Drawings of some originals

(click to enlarge)



Thanks to Richard Campbell 

of Virginia USA




Used for grinding herbs and grains. This vessel has an interior diameter of 7 inches (17.5 cm) and is made of Mica Red clay lined with pieces of flagstone and crushed potsherds. (Pestle not included)

Original Roman Mortarium

Pestle $20.00



Mortarium and Pestle together:


Each mortarium is hand made, and will vary on the inside.


Yassiada P53

Mica red Clay, clear glaze inside (Actual color lighter red)

P53, Holds 2 Quarts, comes with lid 

Hand-made with stone and paddle method


$100.00 Glazed $85.00 Unglazed

See drawing for exact dimensions.

(click to enlarge)

P50 with lid P42

Brown Engobe over Mica Red Clay, clear glaze inside


Holds 1 Quart

Hand-made with stone and paddle method

$85.00 Glazed $75.00 Unglazed

See drawing for exact dimensions.

(click to enlarge)

Stone and Paddle Video


     Welwyn Gardens Cookpot

Black Manganese Stain or Plain Mica Red Mica Red Clay

Welwyn Gardens

DIMENSIONS: 6 inches (16 cm) tall  x  10 inches (25 cm) at widest point

Holds 3 quarts

$100.00 Glazed (on inside only)

$85.00 Unglazed



Welwyn GardensCookpot-Fully Functional

2nd-1st Century BC ,based on the burial goods unearthed as part of the
Welwyn Gardens excavations north of London.



Huntingdon Cookpot

All available in  Black or Brown engobe over Mica Red Clay OR

Plain Mica Red, All Styles

$120.00 Glazed $100.00 Unglazed

DIMENSIONS: 5 inches (16 cm) tall  x  10 inches (25 cm) , 11 inches at widest point

LARGE/DEEP:9 inches tall  x 14 inches diameter:

$200.00 Glazed $180.00 Unglazed


EXTRA LARGE COVERED POT with Choice of  2 or 3 Lugs. 8 inches tall (20 cm) x 14 inches (36 cm) diameter

Height with Cover:12.5 inches (30 cm)

 $260.00 Glazed $240.00 Unglazed

Thanks to Steven D. Lee USA for idea submission



Original, Huntingdonshire England


ALL pots can be custom-sized to YOUR specifications

Special Thanks to Kevin Beckham of California USA

Please visit his Celtic reenactment group at 





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