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October 2015
Dear Julia,
I just wanted to let you know that the box arrived safely and well today. And I am speechless! The Lotus Cup and the Dog Rhyton are so beautiful I cannot stop admiring them! They are true works of art and look like actual ancient artifacts. The pictures online do not even do them justice because they are so breathtaking in real life. Thank you for being so committed and reliable; keeping me always in loop as to the progression of the order. And thank you for your hard work in creating these - I will always treasure them and definitely order more items from you some day. And just out of interest: would there ever be a chance of making some new custom commissions of other ancient artifacts if we discuss the feasibility and pricing of everything? You've definitely won a customer for life.
Thank you again and I wish you lots of success and prosperity!

Stefan K., New York City USA

April 2015


Hey Julia! The package arrived today, in good order. That's some fine work you do, ma'am. I can't wait to try it all out! Thanks again! :-)


March 2015
The items I have ordered from Julia have been along the line of personal kit items for legionaries and hoplites. I have had two of her roman canteens and one water bottle.
One of the canteens was pierced through the side by a belt frog while on a display in
March; it has nothing to do with the quality of the item as I had used it for a few years prior, ncluding the parades in Rome, up the via Appia to the circus Maximus, and coliseum and back etc etc.

Her products are excellent and I would recommend her whole heartedly,as would many others in the reenacting community.
The only thing preventing me ordering more from her is the fact I live I the UK,
So as the price of an item goes up, so do the taxes I pay on receipt here.

Byron A, UK

February 2015
Dear Julia,
The couvre-feu just arrived and it's perfect!!!
It is exactly what I always wanted and I can't thank you enough!
I truly can't wait until I can get you to make something for us again.

Thank you for the lovely Christmas ornaments too. We will treasure them!

The instructions are great, and I am just now filling the tub to soak the cover for a few hours.
Many thanks again for all your hard work and kindness.
With gratitude and admiration,
Mary S. Ossipee, NH

March 28, 2014
Yes, they are here! I love them, very very nice!
I will tell people who made them. Thank you so much.
I am out of town now, but looking much forward to order from you again.
(Lamp Holders)


Peter, Hong Kong

March 5, 2014

First of all, just found the website half an hour ago, and posted your Facebook page to my own friends list. You have earned *Epic* nerd cred in my book! Oh I have *got* to hang out with you... :-D Yes, as someone who took a triple Major in History, Archaeology, and Anthropology, and a lifelong craftsman, I hereby convey unto you Nerd Cred at the utmost level of Epic. J Really cannot speak highly enough of what I’m seeing, and what you’re doing.

Darryl, Houston TX USA

September 25, 2013

Hi Julia,

Thank you! My lamp and plate arrived today, in fine shape. I'm really pleased!! Your hand-made work is beautiful.

Best regards,
Robert, North Carolina USA

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Julia, you took my vision and shaped it with your hands. These jars are beautiful! The wedding jars are sweet, strong, and spiritual – nice energy for a marriage. The crone jars speak of power and seasons and cycles. I can’t wait to show everyone.

Zita, Connecticut USA

We were closed from December 2011 to January2013 in order to move to our present location in Las Vegas New Mexico USA

Wed, Oct/19/2011

Hi Julia,

I am loving the kylix, many many thanks. Hope the move is going well and just mulling over what to order next.


Date: Fri, October 28, 2011

Hi Julia!
I received the package--and the pieces [several Greek reproduction pieces were ordered] once again impressed the design team! There are great! Thanks so much for making that happen!

Meredith (Propmaster, Chicago) USA


Hi Julia and Dino:

We had a wonderful visit today. The food was, as usual, excellent surpassed only by your scintillating company.

It is nice to have wonderful people as your friends.

The kylix was better than I had expected. You are, indeed, a true artist. We will be proud to display it and show it to our other friends

Best regards,

Jaya and Ramu
October 2011


October 2011

Hi Julia,
Hope the sale of your house is not to stressful. Just thought I should let you know that I received the pottery all intact yesterday, they are now proudly displayed for all to see. They are wonderful fit well with my other archaeological replicas.
Many thanks and all the best in your future endeavours.


Jane USA


October 2011

I was talking to Craig (Manning Imperial) and he and I both noted that you have no competitors for authenticity and quality.

Christian Cameron, CANADA


September 2011
Dear Julia,

Amazingly, the kernos arrived today, perfectly packed, and with no damage whatsoever.


I have also seen pics of the krater and pomegranate kernos for Thalia....WOW!

Oh! You are just great!

In the Gods,



June 2011
I have several of Julia's pieces, and her dedication to recreating pottery
is superb. I have used her productions in my reenactment demonstrations with
many compliments. However, I will caution those who acquire her pieces because
they are period made and low fire - they are more delicate then our modern

Kristin USA


June 2011
I also have quite a number of Julia's pieces; I've never broken any of them and
(frankly) I wouldn't be put off by this comment. Pottery is by nature breakable
and now and then a piece will--and did--break. This is part of the game.
Reasonable care will avoid the problem in my experience.

If a piece DOES is worth remembering (for those who do this stuff in
a reenactment sense) that one of the ways our recreations fail the test of
history is that...we have much more control over our environment than people
really do, or did. One of the ways this is expressed is that...usually
everything is JUST THE WAY WE WANT IT; and that usually means clean, undamaged,
and appealing to our taste. A few broken bits around really helps the
historicity, IMHO. There were many folks drinking out of cracked cups and eating
out of cracked bowls, and a large trade in repairs, as the historical record
shows. In point of fact, Dino (Italian born, and having seen this live in his
youth) offers a service "tinkering" broken pottery with metal wire...[Dino tinkers new cookware to make it last longer, not broken pottery. VCat]

If historicity is an important issue to anyone reading this (speaking purely
from a factual basis; no snobbery or put-down is intended to anyone): Julia's
pottery is very, very, VERY much more accurate in terms of historical accuracy
than the items shown from the other potter Correus is using. SVVM
pays your money and you takes your choice. But, on the score of historical
accuracy—there is no competition (at least at this point; Julia wins, hands
down. Correus' potter could certainly improve if he/she becomes sufficiently
interested) and the world could use as many good reproductionists as possible,
so I hope they do.

VALETE Kevin McDermott USA

June 2011
The cup and lamp arrived last week. I put off going to the post office until Friday and then it was too late and it was bundled away with my priest's mail; I could only get them after the Vigil Mass on Saturday. But they have arrived. Thank you - it is all exactingly as I want it. You have done wonderful work. I assure you these shall be put to good use.
Kevin Alexander, AUSTRALIA

June 2011
Hi Julia, received the amphora and stand and I am very impressed with your level of craftsmanship - truly a work of art. Thanks again,


June 2011
Yes, it's SO good that the SKYPHOS was unharmed! It is a much closer repro in terms of shape and proportions: your eye is good! They are both reasonable historical objects, I think: but the second is much more a reproduction of the original. I'm looking forward to using it.

Thanks for your talents and friendship,

June 2011
Dear Julia,
Yes, I AM particular; and I also try to be very honest with my comments: if I compliment you, you will always know that I mean exactly what I say.

I don't know how you went about achieving what you did on this one: whether it was making one after another until one came right; or tinkering with one until it was right, or just looking and looking and looking and then, when you went to the wheel, what happened was right. But any of these methods is tremendously informative and produces the kind of eye and hand skill that makes the difference between being a craftsman and being a reproductionist; just like (in my business, as I have FAR too much experience of!) there is a difference between being a good pianist and being an accompanist! The second of each pair subsumes all the excellent qualities of the first, but then adds additional requirements to the mix.

With the reproduction stuff, the primary skill needed is a very acute skill in observation. Truly, the details are what make the difference: not ALL details, however: there was (and should still be) variation from piece to piece—and to learn the range of acceptable variation is the result of long, hard work looking at as many of "whatever" as you can to develop that sense. But there are some things that DON'T change—CAN'T change without altering the whole feel of the piece—and, when you add history into it, can spell out whether an object is from "then" or "then." These can be very, very small details; sometimes particular curves or angles or proportions between different parts are the defining issues.

There's a reason that traditional skills were traditionally taught by imitation: whether it was a wanna-be composer sitting down and hand-copying symphonies or chorales by master composers for a long time before trying their own hand; or a wanna-be painter who spends days and days in the gallery copying famous paintings; or an apprentice shoemaker, or carpenter, or potter who spent perhaps years watching the master work and then being given progressively more complex tasks to do, endlessly repeated: all of these things lock a particular way of doing something into the brain and, when the young beginner's own creativity is finally added to the mix, provide guidance and a (by then) thoroughly subconscious matrix of style on which to build.

It is difficult today for a reproductionist to gain that kind of long-drawn-out experience: unless you are a potter at a museum village who really CAN make thousands of the same thing over a long period of time and get paid for it it's almost impossible. So I think the time spent looking and looking and looking becomes even more important.

As I wrote previously: I think you have a natural gift for these Hellenistic pieces. I hope you keep up with them and they do well for you, as they should.

All the best, K USA

June 2011
Thank you - it is all exactingly as I want it. You have done wonderful work. I assure you these shall be put to good use.

K Alexander Australia

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