Sacred Objects/Altar Pieces







Hellenic Reconstructionist/Greek Paganism

Thanks to John Drury, USA for this photograph : )


Large Heracles Kylix 

White ground style with Colored Engobes

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Heracles-Kylix-4.jpg (219728 bytes)

Heracles-Kylix-2.jpg (112614 bytes)Heracles-Kylix-1.jpg (272075 bytes)Heracles-Kylix-5.jpg (234411 bytes)Heracles-Kylix-6.jpg (224670 bytes)Heracles-Kylix-7.jpg (126577 bytes)Heracles-Kylix-3.jpg (195206 bytes)

10" Diameter/ 26 cm (not including handles)


Thanks to Marc Auger of Canada for idea submission

Dionysos Kylix

Red and White Terra Sigillata with Colored Engobes

8" Diameter/ 20 cm (not including handles)


Thanks to John Drury, USA for idea submission


Artemis Kylix

White ground style with Colored Engobes

Artemis-Kylix-004.jpg (112153 bytes)

Artemis-Kylix-003.jpg (65779 bytes)Artemis-Kylix-001.jpg (159840 bytes)Artemis-Kylix.jpg (134911 bytes)Artemis-Kylix-005.jpg (93667 bytes)

6 " diameter, exclusive of handles


Thanks to Edward Lindey, USA for idea submission


ARTEMIS Amphora/Wine Decanter 

White ground style with Colored Engobes

also can be used as a Funerary Urn

8.5 inches tall (21 cm)  Holds 1 Liter

Comes with cork

Artemis-Amphora-3.jpg (95570 bytes)

Artemis-Amphora-4.jpg (88805 bytes)Artemis-Amphora-5.jpg (118652 bytes)Artemis-Amphora-2.jpg (104714 bytes)

Artemis-Amphora-6.jpg (122745 bytes)Artemis-Amphora-7.jpg (153221 bytes)Artemis-Amphora-8.jpg (121275 bytes)

Beeswaxed on inside, 100% food grade 




Geometric Oinochoe


10 " Tall (25 cm) including handle


This lovely  pitcher is great for pouring water or wine.

Comes lined with 100% foodgrade beeswax and is fully watertight and food-safe.

Surface decoration inspired by earlier "Geometric Period" (Middle Helladic, 1900-1600 BC).



Satyr Amphora/Wine Decanter

White ground style with Colored Engobes

also can be used as a Funerary Urn

8.5 inches tall (21 cm)  Holds 1 Liter

Comes with cork

Urn-1.jpg (81493 bytes)

Urn-2.jpg (86296 bytes)Urn-3.jpg (124787 bytes)Urn-4.jpg (100264 bytes)Urn-5.jpg (129321 bytes)Urn-6.jpg (150203 bytes)

Beeswaxed on inside, 100% food grade 


Idea submitted by Ann W., USA


Minoan Style Oinochoe:

Purchased by FOX for the "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" Movie


Oinochoe-9in-22cm-2.jpg (64452 bytes)Oinochoe-9in-22cm-1.jpg (77893 bytes)

9 " Tall (22 cm)

Holds 1 Quart/Approximately 1 liter



"Oinos" is Greek for "wine"

Features beautiful Minoan Style high handle and  spout, and pours well.

Great for serving water or wine

Comes lined with 100% food grade beeswax and is fully watertight and food-safe.

Surface decoration and handle style inspired by the lovely ware found in the Palace of Knossos, Crete. 





Pythia Plate 

White Ground style

 with 22 Carat Gold decoration ready to hang

10 inches (26 cm) Diameter 

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Pythia-1.jpg (249264 bytes)

Pythia-4.jpg (111465 bytes)Pythia-8.jpg (215036 bytes)Pythia-2.jpg (214332 bytes)Pythia-5.jpg (105758 bytes)Pythia-6.jpg (105665 bytes)Pythia-7.jpg (108937 bytes)


Idea also submitted by Ann W.

Virginia USA





Original piece by the Kodros painter, c. 440-430 B.C.E

This Pythia is borrowed from the image by the Kodros painter, c440-430 BCE (below left). 

A Pythia was a woman who was known for her powerful intuitive and prophetic abilities, much as a good psychic today. The most famous of the Greek Pythias was the Oracle at the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. She sat on a tripod, which was said to be situated over a spring which emitted gasses. She would breathe in these vapors as well as those of burning laurel, and divine the future for any who wished to seek.

See Wikipedia article;




Hephaestus Plate

White Ground style

 with 22 Carat Gold decoration ready to hang

10 inches (26 cm) Diameter 


 (click thumbnails to enlarge)

Hephaestus-Plate-001.jpg (161841 bytes)

Hephaestus-Plate-002.jpg (170219 bytes)Hephaestus-Plate-003.jpg (107184 bytes)Hephaestus-Plate-004.jpg (129240 bytes)Hephaestus-Plate-005.jpg (104560 bytes)Hephaestus-Plate-006.jpg (124719 bytes)


Idea also submitted by Ann W.

Virginia USA



The inspiration for this plate comes from a drawing by Vasily Zikos.  Hephaestus (Roman Vulcan) is the Greek God of Technology, Blacksmiths, Craftsmen, Artisans and Volcanoes


Shield Plate

Red Ground style with Colored Engobes and Black Glaze

Plate is 9.5 inches (24 cm) diameter

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Shield-1.jpg (139059 bytes)

Shield-2.jpg (127924 bytes)Shield-3.jpg (111965 bytes)




Meaning of symbols on the Shield Plate:

In Ancient times, there was an oracle of Ares in southwestern Asia Minor. In response to separate requests from two cities, the oracle bade them to plant a statue of Ares in the middle of the city and perform sacrifices. They were then to bind Ares with the shackles of Hermes, and on the other side to let Justice (Dike) administer the law to Ares and to judge him. The plate shows the shield of Ares in the center, with the symbols of Hermes and Dike on either side. Hermes, as a herm, was a boundary marker, and the name "Dike" appears to be derived metaphorically from the notion of "boundary marker," using the Indo-European root *deik-. Justice, law, sovereignty, civilization, extends to the border. Outside of that is lawlessness, injustice, wilderness. Thus, the plate expresses Ares standing between two very distinct notions of boundary; one physical, the other philosophical, judicial, legal, and communal. The boundary is both the physical line, as well as the extent of the civilization. Ares is 'bound' to stand at the border and protect those inside from the ravages beyond.

Editor, Megaloi Theoi, a devotional to the Dioskouroi.  Please consider a submission to the devotional!


More information at Neos Alexandria

Use these symbols on the back or choose your own. (See explanation of symbols below).

All pieces are hand painted in colored terra sigillata and will not wash off.  100% food safe

Idea also submitted by John Drury.

Virginia USA


Dokana Plate (click thumbnails to enlarge)

Plate is 9.5 inches (24 cm) diameter

White ground style with Colored Engobes



                                          front                 back


Use these symbols on the back or choose your own

All pieces are hand painted in colored terra sigillata and will not wash off.  100% food safe

Idea submitted by John Drury

Virginia USA


The Dokana, or "beam-figures," were a symbolic representation of the brotherly love of Castor and Polydeukes, the military protectors of Sparta, and one (presumably smaller than that shown here!) may have been carried in front of the army on campaign. In the legends, Castor and Polydeukes were twin sons of King Tyndareus of Lakedaimon, or sometime of Zeus himself, and their cult was centered in Sparta.

There isn't much evidence to draw on, but it is very likely that a Spartan camp  would include at least one small enclosed area that served as headquarters for all the military operations and religious ceremonies, and where the treasure and all important documents were kept. Such a sacred enclosure would have certainly been put under the protection of the Gods, symbolized by a Dokana.


Thanks to John Drury for submitting this text.

Oak Leaf Plate with Linear B Script

Plate is 9.5 inches (24 cm) diameter

White ground style with Colored Engobes

 (click thumbnails to enlarge)

Oak-Leaf.jpg (113812 bytes)

Oak-Leaf-2.jpg (78220 bytes)Oak-Leaf-3.jpg (93686 bytes)



Meaning of Linear B Script:

"To Father Zeus, King of the Gods."

The oak leaf is sacred to Zeus.

Greek Phiale Mesomphalos (REPRODUCTION)



(libation bowl with raised center)

Finished in black semi-gloss glaze

Bottom surface is concave to follow raised surface

Late 4th c BC

24cm x 6cm



Photo of original, late 4th c BC

Used in Greco-Roman antiquity for poured offerings.Note the raised part in the center, or ‘omphalos,’ which means ‘navel.’

Why the raised center? Here is a possible explanation:

"This is a visible effect created at the top of the vessel corresponding to the depression below, which was its intent and the practical purpose of the device on these ‘libation bowls.’

There is no symbolical meaning or value to the ‘omphalos’ here per se.

The design of the phiale mesomphalos is purely pragmatic, although, as found in virtually all ancient Greek artifacts, even the purely practical was formed with a sense of style, elegance and beauty.

Hence, in this particularly Hellenic-styled phiale, the ‘omphalos’ may be somewhat exaggerated beyond its purely practical function in the interest of its aesthetic appeal."

(Above text graciously submitted by Tia Jonaitis of Ohio USA)

A special thank you to Charles O'Donnell of New York USA for this idea...





 Self supporting plaque with 22 Carat Gold decoration

5  x 7 inches 

(13  x 18 cm)

Perfect for altar or Sacred Space

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Hephaestus-1.jpg (116237 bytes)

Hephaestus-2.jpg (110939 bytes)Hephaestus-3.jpg (134725 bytes)Hephaestus-4.jpg (155780 bytes)Hephaestus-5.jpg (59823 bytes)Hephaestus-6.jpg (79715 bytes)



The inspiration for this plaque comes from a drawing by the artist Vasily Zikos.

The plaque features Hephaestus on the front, and a quail on the back. Quails are thought to be sacred to the God Hephaestus. 

Handpainted, sturdy one-piece construction, done in terra sigillata and 22 Carat Gold Luster.   The finish is fired on and permanent, and will not wash off.




2 "  x 2 " (5 cm)

White and brown terra sigillata, hand painted

Heracles-Achelous-2-mini.jpg (257977 bytes)Heracles-Achelous-mini-plaq.jpg (249527 bytes)

Place under pillow at night or carry for strength.

Can be inscribed on the back with yours or a loved one's name


With 22 Carat Gold (not shown): $100.00





 AKHELOIOS (or Achelous) was a River-God of Aitolia in central Greece. As the god of the largest fresh-water river in Greece, he was often represented as the god of fresh water in general. Akheloios once competed with Herakles in a contest for the hand of the Aitolian princess Deianeira. In their wrestling contest, Herakles tore of the god's horn, out of which was made a cornucopia or horn of plenty.
The river occurs in Greek art in three forms. In vase painting he was usually depicted as either a "merman," with a coiled fish tail descending from below his chest,  or as a large man-headed bull.  Here he is depicted as a large river serpent.

heracles2.jpg (134911 bytes)

Image: "Heracles battling Achelous." Louvre, Paris, France.


"ADYTON" Handmade Wall Sign

"Holiest of Holies, Do Not Enter"

Perfect for your Sacred Space

Adyton-12-x-3-in.jpg (67013 bytes)

12 inches long(30 cm),3 inches high (7 cm.) Comes with rawhide strip, ready to hang.


Another wonderful idea submitted by Ann W., Virginia USA 


From Wikipedia:
The adyton (Greek: Άδυτον) or adytum (Latin) was a restricted area within the cella of a Greek or Roman temple. Its name meant "inaccessible" or "do not enter". The adyton was frequently a small area at the farthest end of the cella from the entrance: at Delphi it measured just nine by twelve feet. The adyton would often house the cult image of the god. Adyta were spaces reserved for oracles, priests or acolytes, and not for the general public. Adyta were found frequently associated with temples of Apollo, as at Bassae, Clarus, Delos and Delphi, although they were also said to have been natural phenomena (see the story of Nyx). In modern usage, the term is sometimes extended to similar spaces in other cultural contexts, as in Egyptian temple

Lamp-redesigned-7-2010.jpg (71301 bytes)


Corinthian Lamp Copy: $65.00

 (click thumbnails to enlarge)  

The bottom and inside are glazed so that the lamp is leak proof.   The lamp is finished in terra sigillata

Depth of colors varies slightly from the photograph.

More lamp styles HERE


Now Available:

 Under liners for Oil Lamps


Terra Cotta with Cream Glaze 

Other colors available, contact us:

Underliner-5-inch-3.jpg (73111 bytes)Underliner-5-inch-1.jpg (107548 bytes)Underliner-5-inch-2.jpg (96112 bytes)

5 inches (13 cm.) diameter

Great for use as an offering plate too!




GREEK/Black Figure Style Cup with Sacred Geese Design

Cup is 3 inches (7.5 cm) diameter and same in height



1 in Stock


This cup is not based on any one design, but rather on the Black Figure style from the 6th century BCE, where black figures were painted on a red background and incised, allowing the clay's natural color to come through. 

Click HERE for more on time periods and surface decoration.

Geese were considered sacred to Artemis, goddess of the hunt.

The black parts of the cup are glazed and are 100% food and dishwasher safe.



Set of 3 Small Bowls

Perfect for herbs or offerings

Size: 2  1/2 inches Diameter (6cm) x 3/4 inches (2cm) tall


One of each: Red, Black, Buff

Available individually ($18.00 each) and in other colors, see HERE:



4 inch Bowl

Size: 4 inches Diameter (10cm) x 1  1/2 inches (3.5cm) tall

$25.00 each

  (Solid Red)

(Solid Black)


Available  in other colors, see HERE:


Unguent Jar

Terra Sigillata and beeswax $12.00

Glazed, $15.00

UnguentJar-Black.jpg (57504 bytes)

Approximately 1.5 inches  x 1.5 inches, (3.75cm) exclusive of cork

NOTE: Cork style has changed to those pictured below.

Now available in custom glaze colors $15.00 each

Terra Sigillata or plain jars are $12.00 each, and are beeswaxed inside

Unguent-Spice-Jars-assorted.jpg (90248 bytes)



Unguent-Jars-banded.jpg (191642 bytes)

For Available Terra Sigillata Colors, Click HERE

For Engobe Colors (for banding) Click HERE

This little jar is great for holding ointment or salves, just like the ancient originals, fits easily in a pack.

This little jar is great for holding ointment, salves, herbs and spices







available as a set or individually

OTHER COLORS and SCHEMES AVAILABLE, or create your own and contact us:

Venus-Altar-Set.jpg (252317 bytes)

$200.00 for the set (7 pieces)

click thumbnails to enlarge

3   1/4 inches wide (8.5cm) x 1   3/4" ( 4 cm) tall x 4   3/4" (13 cm) long


Altar-Set-Venus-005.jpg (184908 bytes)Venus-Lamp.jpg (121587 bytes)



3 inches (7.5 cm)

Venus-Censer2.jpg (115533 bytes)Venus-Censer3.jpg (175854 bytes)Venus-Censer.jpg (181516 bytes)



2 inch (5 cm)

Venus-Cup.jpg (162491 bytes)Venus-Cups.jpg (134815 bytes)

$18.00 each


4 inch (10 cm)

Venus-4-in-plate.jpg (220932 bytes)Venus-4-in-plate-back.jpg (243733 bytes)



7 inch (18 cm)

Venus-7-in-plate.jpg (261669 bytes)Venus-7-in-plate-back.jpg (199941 bytes)Venus-7-in-plate-profile.jpg (61191 bytes)



(7 inch and 4 inch)

7-n-4-in-plates-together.jpg (217448 bytes)



 5 inch (12.5 cm)

Venus-Amphora-1-5-inches.jpg (113570 bytes)Venus-Amphora-2.jpg (95379 bytes)Venus-Amphora-3.jpg (149417 bytes)



Coventina Incense Burner Copy

c 130 ACE


Each incense burner is individually sculpted by hand from raku clay which is highly thermogenic and resists cracking from intense heat, ideal for using incense charcoal.  It comes unglazed and is stained permanently with red iron oxide, can be clear glazed if desired.

Perfect for your Lararium (household shrine)!

Height, approximately 2.5 inches (7 cm.) tall

Click on thumbnail to enlarge

Copy: above LEFT                 Photo of ORIGINAL burner: above RIGHT

More information HERE

Thanks to Jurjen Draaisma, NETHERLANDS for idea submission


Perhaps the most important water-goddess from northern Britain was Coventina whose cult, like that of Sulis, was concentrated at one particular site, Carrawburgh, on Hadrian's Wall. Her name is Celtic; she was the personified spirit of a spring that welled up out of the ground to feed a pool. The identity of this water-spirit is known from the inscribed dedications to her which bear her name. Coventina was not exclusive to Britain: there is evidence that devotees worshiped the goddess in North-west Spain and at Narbonne in southern Gaul.

In about AD 130 engineers contained the spring and well within a square stone-walled enclosure. Its first use was as a functional cistern but soon afterwards it became imbued with religious significance as the vallum-builders gave way to soldiers with Celtic superstitions and beliefs regarding springs. The coin-evidence from the well indicates that Coventina's cult reached its height of popularity only gradually, the greatest level of ritual activity taking place during the late second and early third centuries AD. By the fourth century the cult was already waning. There is evidence, however, that in the late fourth century Coventina's devotees reacted to the Theodosian Edict of AD 391, in which pagan rites were made illegal and temples closed, by trying to conceal and protect her shrine, placing building-stones on top of the well and its offerings...

The above excerpt is from Celtic Goddesses: Warriors, Virgins and Mothers by Miranda Green, published by British Museum Press in 1995.


Egyptian Lotus "Isis" Cup


Made of terra cotta with turquoise glaze, colored to simulate faience.

approximately 6 inches tall

 (click thumbnails to enlarge)




7 inches (17 cm) tall

Thanks to Kathy,


for this wonderful idea!



Photo of Original

click thumbnail to enlarge

Egyptian lotiform cup with lotus decoration
Material: Blue faience
Place of origin: Tuneh, Egypt
Date of origin: Dynasty XXVIII c. 404-399 BC
Accession number: 1722 (British Museum)

FAIENCE presumably imitated the more expensive lapis lazuli, but was also seen as a magical substance because of the colour reflecting light. This chalice represents the nymphae caerula - with the flower and leaves in relief and with a stem base. The lotus was the symbol of creation, new life and also love, but also had pharmacological-medicinal functions.

NOTE:  FAIENCE is a self-glazing material, composed primarily of quartz, frit, alkali, copper and natron, or plant ash.   It is  a very challenging material to work with due to its sticky nature .


Egyptian Lotus Cup


5 " Tall (13.5 cm) x

3.5" (9cm) diameter

 (click thumbnails to enlarge)


$110.00 with beeswax on the inside

Surfaced incised by hand, finished in

buff, red, and black Terra Sigillata

Terra Sigillata makes the vessel watertight-but it will darken a bit when filled. 

Available with beeswax on the inside.

(See "terra sigillata care" sheet)




Original cup

18th Dynasty Egypt, 1540-1307 BC

 Found in Aniba Tomb SA30

Piece is in the University Museum,

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Said to be made of faience, (Egyptian Paste) but because archeologists aren't always potters, I believe this to be incorrect.  I think that it is either made of clay with terra sigillata for the finish, OR  clay possibly with a thin coating of faience brushed over the vessel.  Julia

For more on this, see Victor Bryant's "Web Tutorials for Potters".

Thanks to Frank Garcia of Legio III Cyrenaica, for donating information, and for whom this piece was made.

Source: Freed, Rita E. Egypt's Golden Age: The Art of Living in the New Kingdom 1558 - 1085 B.C.


Isis Plaque

 (click thumbnails to enlarge)


1 in Stock (slightly different than shown, email us for a photo)


Made of terra-cotta clay, hand-painted in engobe, which is a refined colored clay that is fired together with the piece.  It is thus molecularly bonded, and will not burn or wash off.

8" x 11" (20cm x 27.5 cm)


Scarab Lamp

(click thumbnails to enlarge)



The scarab and handle are glazed.

More lamp styles HERE


(click thumbnail to enlarge)


15 Inch Spiral  Bowl

$150.00 each

Great for blending herbs or for serving a salad or pasta imbued with LOVE.


Spiral Feast Bowl $45.00 each



(click thumbnail to enlarge)

7 inches long x 6 inches wide x  4.5 inches deep (exclusive of handle)

Satin cream speckled  glaze on Terra Cotta

Brown  glaze painted in a spiral inside and on rim

All pieces are 100% food safe.

Perfect for a Circle Feast!

These bowls were commissioned by Zita Christian of Connecticut USA





We make 100% food safe and heatproof cauldrons that REALLY WORK, in the oven or on top of the stove, gas or  electric, or over an open flame!  All other items are 100% food safe as well.

Heatproof Cauldrons available in 3 sizes:

Large: 6 inches tall    Medium: 4 inches tall      Small: 3 inches tall

Click on thumbnail for larger view

Special thanks to Marc (Red) Bloom of Pennsylvania for this idea, and for his patience and support while we figured out how to create a useable item that didn't fracture with direct heat...


NOTE: Cauldrons can be made larger or smaller to fit your specific needs. Just e-mail us with your request



Mini Cauldron $18.00 each

Approximately 2 inches tall

Great for incense

(NOT for use over direct heat-sizes vary slightly)

6 inches tall: $50.00

   4 inches tall:    $40.00

3 inches tall:  $25.00

Shiny black glaze inside, matte finish outside, fully heatproof


Offering Plates/Underliners


Terra Cotta with Cream Glaze 

Other colors available


Underliner-5-inch-1.jpg (107548 bytes)Underliner-5-inch-2.jpg (96112 bytes)Underliner-5-inch-3.jpg (73111 bytes)

Underliner for lamps or censers

5 inches (13 cm.) diameter

Great as an offering plate too!



5  1/2 inch Scrying Bowl $40.00

Satin black glaze on Terra Cotta comes with complete instructions for scrying.



7  inch Ritual Bowl $100.00

Hand-burnished engobe (colored clay) on terra cotta



Click thumbnails for larger view

       Earth                Air                 


Fire                 Water

4 inch Elemental Disc $25.00 each

$125.00 for the set

White glaze with colored stains hand-painted on Terra Cotta clay discs

(technique is called Italian maiolica)


10 inch Ritual Plate $100.00 each

Hand-burnished engobe (colored clay) on terra cotta


8 inch custom Zodiac Plate

$85.00 each

comes ready to hang

shown here: "Capricorn", custom made for Meghan Townsend of Maine, USA

send YOUR design idea to:



10 inch Sun/Moon Ritual Plate

$125.00 each

comes ready to hang


Jade Dragon Ritual Bowl

Done in the Italian maiolica technique

JadeDragonBowl.jpg (114478 bytes)JadeDragon-Bowl-8-In-Dia-x-.jpg (46519 bytes)

JadeDragonBowl-Detail.jpg (79610 bytes)JadeDragon-Detail.jpg (113446 bytes)



Click on thumbnail to enlarge


8" Diameter

$150.00 each

Original design, hand-painted, permanent



c/o Julia Passamonti
12 Camino Romeroville
Las Vegas, New Mexico 87701 USA
(505) 652-1033

We are on US Mountain Time (GMT -7)