A portion of all pet bowl sales is used for Feral Cat Rescue/Trap-Neuter-Return

Venetian Cat Pet Ware

from the

Royal House of Cat

Shown on left: 5 inch size

5 inch (13 cm) For cat or small dog: $40.00 ea

7 inch: (18 cm) $50.00

10 inch:(26 cm) )$60.00

Notice to pet owners (or in our case, cat servants): Your pets secretly wrote us saying that you need to buy one of these because  they're tired of eating off of plain, boring pet ware, and that you never bought them anything for their birthday.   So now is your chance to make it up to them *wink*.




      RED           (click thumbnails to enlarge)   MANGO

  JADE                                         TURQUOISE

APPLE GREEN         On right: With 22Ct Gold Lacquer



Other Colors, Click HERE: 

Remember that DOGS have OWNERS; CATS have STAFF : )