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Garum Flask


Approximately 9 inches tall (23 cm), holds 10 ounces


 Terra cotta stained with iron and manganese oxides,

Comes with cork and is lined with beeswax

 100% food safe


Garum (fish sauce) flask from the House of Umbricius Scaurus

From The Buried City of Pompeii by Shelley Tanaka, with illustrations by Greg Ruhl

Scholastic Press, ISBN 0-439-23652-5


Winged Phallus


Clay finished with terra sigillata and colored engobe

Based on a bronze original

Idea submitted by Ann W. , Virginia USA

In Greek mythology, Priapus was a minor rustic fertility god, protector of livestock, fruit plants, gardens and male genitalia. His Roman equivalent was Mutinus Mutunus. He was best noted for his huge, permanently erect penis, which gave rise to the medical term "priapism"

In Pompeii, such objects were thought to bring properity and fertility to a household;it was common practice to rub them for good luck, much as Buddha statues are rubbed today.


Golden Viper


Snake is approximately 7 inches (17.5 cm) long and is made of a single coil of clay, finished in brown engobe and 24 carat gold luster, each scale being individually hand painted. The piece is fired three times to complete.


Based on a fresco from 79 AD, Pompeiifrom a Lararium in the House of the Centenary. The figure of Bacchus, (click on right) god of wine and fertility stands alongside the mountain.

Idea submitted by Ann W. , Virginia USA



 Pompeii Rooster    Pitcher

Holds 1 Liter

Pour your water or wine with elegance and authenticity at your next Roman feast!

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12 inches long (31 cm) 

11  inches (28 cm) tall


Each piece is individually made by hand in a press mold as in ancient times, detailed and numbered.  The mold was cast from an original sculpture copied from the photograph on the right.



Original Item (left) Caupona Assellinae, Pompeii

1st c BCE

Reproduction shown on right

Idea submitted by Richard Campbell of Legio XX

 Maryland USA

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Caupona Assellinae

From Oxford Press The Roman World: POMPEII

illustrated by Peter Connolly



Pompeii Fox Pitcher

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Detail of Peter Connolly illustration

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Base: L26cm Ht:3.5 cm. W: 11 cm Total Height: 17 cm

Beeswaxed on the inside, fully functional and 100% food safe

Idea submitted by Ann W. , Virginia USA



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