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Leak proof Oil Lamps-Available in 8 styles
Includes Wick
All lamps (except STYLE G) are approximately 3   1/4 inches wide (8.5cm) x 1   3/4" ( 4 cm) tall x 4   3/4" (13 cm) long

Lamps A-F are not reproductions, but rather based on a 7th century BC Corinthian design (see reproduction below), which are glazed on the inside and bottom to seal the surfaces and thus render them leak proof. The glaze is not noticeable unless one looks at the bottom.  All these lamps are intended for use.

The ancient Romans and Greeks did not glaze the inside of their wares, as glaze, aside from some rare green lead glazed Roman examples, was unknown. Glaze is a water based suspension of materials that when applied to a bisqued (fired once) piece and fired at a high temperature a second time, vitrifies. In essence, glaze is a glass coating.

Lamps that have decoration (except for the Corinthian reproduction and Style E) have been painted in engobe, which is a refined colored clay that is fired together with the piece.  It is thus molecularly bonded, and will not burn or wash off.

The Corinthian reproduction and Lamp Style E are finished in terra sigillata, which is finer than engobe, but equally as permanent, and  has a beautiful soft sheen due to the fineness of the clay particles.

For finely done replica Roman Lamps, please go to:Ancient Sometimes this website is closed. If so, Venetian Cat Studio will be happy to accomodate your needs. Just e-mail us at: and let us know how we can help you : ).

Ancient is not part of Venetian Cat Studio, so you will have to place a separate order directly with them.

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Now Available:

 Under liners for Oil Lamps


Terra Cotta with Cream Glaze 

Other colors available, contact us:


Underliner-5-inch-3.jpg (73111 bytes)Underliner-5-inch-1.jpg (107548 bytes)Underliner-5-inch-2.jpg (96112 bytes)

5 inches (13 cm.) diameter

Great for use as an offering plate too!


Coventina Incense Burner Copy


c 130 ACE


Each incense burner is individually sculpted by hand from raku clay which is highly thermogenic and resists cracking from intense heat, ideal for using incense charcoal.  It comes unglazed and is stained permanently with red iron oxide.

Perfect for your Lararium (household shrine)!

Height, approximately 2.5 inches (7 cm.) tall

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Copy: above LEFT    Photo of ORIGINAL burner: above RIGHT

Idea submitted by Jurjen Draaisma, NETHERLANDS : )

The Lararium pictured here is Jurjen's


Perhaps the most important water-goddess from northern Britain was Coventina whose cult, like that of Sulis, was concentrated at one particular site, Carrawburgh, on Hadrian's Wall. Her name is Celtic; she was the personified spirit of a spring that welled up out of the ground to feed a pool. The identity of this water-spirit is known from the inscribed dedications to her which bear her name. Coventina was not exclusive to Britain: there is evidence that devotees worshiped the goddess in North-west Spain and at Narbonne in southern Gaul.

In about AD 130 engineers contained the spring and well within a square stone-walled enclosure. Its first use was as a functional cistern but soon afterwards it became imbued with religious significance as the vallum-builders gave way to soldiers with Celtic superstitions and beliefs regarding springs. The coin-evidence from the well indicates that Coventina's cult reached its height of popularity only gradually, the greatest level of ritual activity taking place during the late second and early third centuries AD. By the fourth century the cult was already waning. There is evidence, however, that in the late fourth century Coventina's devotees reacted to the Theodosian Edict of AD 391, in which pagan rites were made illegal and temples closed, by trying to conceal and protect her shrine, placing building-stones on top of the well and its offerings...

The above excerpt is from Celtic Goddesses: Warriors, Virgins and Mothers by Miranda Green, published by British Museum Press in 1995.

Lamp-redesigned-7-2010.jpg (71301 bytes)


Corinthian Lamp Copy: $65.00  

The bottom and inside are glazed so that the lamp is leak proof.   The lamp is finished in terra sigillata

Depth of colors varies slightly from the photograph.


Original Lamp: Corinthian,7th c. BCE

Shown above is a modern Greek reproduction upon which  Styles A-F were based.  The shine is from the oil in the lamp.  The finish, which looked exactly like the photo on the left originally, darkened slightly from the oil.   It also leaked when used.

The Greek copy (above) was finished with paint, and sadly, the beautiful design you see here eventually burned off. 

Venetian Cat's version (left) is finished in terra sigillata just as in ancient times, and is permanent.  The design will last for the life of the lamp which is intended for actual use.  Our copy is also a little deeper than the above copy, which allows for the expansion of the oil when it is heated from the flame.


STYLE A Brown Decorated

Hand-Painted decoration will vary slightly


STYLE B Blue Decorated

Hand-Painted decoration will vary slightly



Egyptian Paste Scarab

NOTE:  Egyptian, or Frit Paste, is a self-glazing material, composed primarily of quartz and frit.  This is very similar to the colored  material used 4000 years ago in ancient Egypt and Greece.  The scarab seen here is made and fired separately, and then cemented on the body of the piece.


STYLE D: (plain)

note: all lamps  now have 3 small holes in the top for incense sticks

Terra Sigillata

Special thanks again to Leon Delgado of Legio XXIV Media Atlantia for this great idea!


Lamp-Oxide-2.jpg (223498 bytes)Lamp-Oxide-1.jpg (116674 bytes)

Black Oxide


STYLE E: (Terra Sigillata or Black Oxide)


Other colors are available upon request  Click HERE.



$35.00 each 


STYLE F: (Chi-Ro)

Lamp-Buff-Brown-1.jpg (258523 bytes)Lamp-Buff-Brown-2.jpg (157505 bytes)

$40.00 each

Comes with jute wick, not shown

STYLE G: (Buff-Brown Terra Sigillata)

Goes great with Greco-Roman Set

(in Roman and in Greek section of site)



$25.00 each


STYLE H: (Canaanite)

Measures 5 inches  x 4 inches (11cm) x 1 inch (3cm) tall

Comes with 5-ply jute wick

Left: Original                Right: Reproduction

(Click on right photo to enlarge view)

Here is a picture of the original Canaanite lamp (left), and a reproduction (right) being used.  It is one of the simplest and oldest lamp forms, dating from 1500 BC-600BC.


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