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Dressel 1C

18 inch (45 cm)

Left: plain buff clay, Right: Aged with Stand

Dressel 1C Rendering of Original

ORIGIN: Middle Tyrrhenian coast of Italy.

ORIGINAL DIMENSIONS: 100 to 120cm high, 30cm wide.
DIFFUSION: diffused in large amounts in Western Mediterranean, Middle and Northern Europe from the second half of II to the end of I Century B.C.

27 inch (67 cm)and 36 inch Aged(90 cm) Maker's Stamp on Handle

"Torpedo" Shaped

This shape was commonly used c. 100AD-4th c AD for small and large size amphorae.

9 inch (22.5 cm) torpedo stained with Red Iron Oxide
Photos of an Original "Torpedo" shaped vessel
All amphorae have a maker's stamp on the handle in Latin that says "OFVLIAE", an acronym for "Julia's Shop" (above, 4th photo).

"Poseidon's Amphora"

Jewel Encrusted/Aged Dressel 1C 36 inches(90 cm) tall stained with Red Iron Oxide (Stand is not stained)

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