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also means GAZING for Divination...

Instructions for Scrying:

To use a scrying bowl, cast a circle to protect yourself and your work.

Dedicate your bowl the first time you use it. Using the four elements to help clear and tune your instrument, start with Earth and sprinkle your bowl with sea salt. This brings practicality, common sense and even all six senses. For Air, you’ll want to pass your tool through incense smoke; this will give logic and open the intellect to accept the inexplicable. Yellow or gold candles represent Fire and bring creativity, inspiration and confidence. Pass the bowl quickly through their flame. Use scented lunar water for the element of Water; essential oil of peppermint brings protection and sharpens intuition.

Lunar water is especially conducive; be certain it was imbued by the light of the Full Moon in a water sign: Cancer (January), Scorpio (May) or Pisces (Sept). For several nights before, place spring or well water in a clear bowl or pitcher in the light of the waxing Full Moon. Seal tight, label and keep in a glass jar in the fridge between uses. The scented water can be used repeatedly.

Scrying is generally done at night; night rules psychic lucidity, but actually it is a better time to slip into the proper state of mind. Candles not only create a mood, but help with reflective surfaces in a darkened room. Set up a tape recorder so that you can record what you see without interruption. Choose a time when you will be undisturbed. Fill the bowl.

Relax and breathe deeply. Protect yourself with white light and ground yourself. Think about your reasons for scrying; be clear about your questions. Half close your eyes or let them go slightly out of focus. Let the inner visions come to your third eye, like day dreams. It is not so much that you can see clear pictures in the bowl, but that you are connecting into the divine energy, opening a channel to allow insights and impressions.

Like anything else, this requires practice. You probably won’t see pictures, but more likely, clouds or light patterns or shadows. Divination often comes in the guise of symbols, unfortunately lending itself to misinterpretation. Consult the symbolism of color and clouds, even dream symbols to help understand what you are seeing. See with your third eye and listen with your inner ear. Buona Fortuna!

Scrying A Kathleen Spitzer 2003 text excerpt used with permission


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