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These pieces were custom made for sale at Dick's Marina, Balch Lake, New Hampshire USA

These are also great for wedding centerpieces or party favors with YOUR NAME.  The cups are 3.5 inches tall and hold 7 oz.



These cups were made for Smiley's Beverages of Dover New Hampshire USA.  They are 4.5 inches tall and hold a little over 8 oz.  They are white inside.



Engobe (colored clay) and glaze on terra cotta.  These tiles are 8 inches (20.5 cm)  x 8 inches, and 8 mm thick

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Custom made for Jean-Michel and Margie Galabrun of NH USA for their home in France

Shown is a set of 4 (last 2 photos on right) that together form the medallion pattern.

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Hotplate 6 inches (15cm)  x 6 inches

terra cotta with white glaze and stains (Italian Maiolica technique)

cork feet on bottom (right)


Display Portrait

terra cotta with white glaze and stains (Italian Maiolica technique)

6 inches (15cm)  x 6 inches

Donation commissioned by Joanne O. of New Hampshire USA to benefit Sheltie Rescue


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Photo of original (17 cm tall ) with Italian text


Translation of Italian text (first 2 paragraphs):

Acrobat Lamp

2.26.Padua, first half of 16th century.  Poured bronze, lost wax technique, traces of dark green patina, 17 cm (7 inches) tall.   The bronze represents a virile, bearded figure with high cheekbones and a slightly flattened nose in a crouched pose, with a circular hole on his back followed by a second holethat creates the spout of the lamp by virtue of the soles of the feet being nest to eachother.

The figure is fixed to the base with a circular linchpin, with the knees on a tripod modelled into wide (acanthus) leaves terminating in 3 lion's feet...(the rest of the text refers to a related piece but not to this bronze.)

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Commissioned by Dr. Vincent P. Savaglio, Wisconsin USA

White terra cotta clay with metallic glaze, sculpted entirely by hand





The figure fits onto the base as a lid would fit a pot.


This lamp is fully functional, and is fueled by vegetable oil.


Prices available upon request. 


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