20 liter/5 gallon capacity

These terra cotta amphorae are entirely handmade in house and have been waterproofed with100% food grade beeswax.  The vessel is heated so that hot wax completely impregnates the inner surface, seeps deeply into the seams and completely seals them, thus making wax preferable to glaze. 

The taps are brass, and are removable. 

The lids are designed to fit very tightly but are not 100% airtight.  They are made of  terra cotta and lined with beeswax.

The vessel shown has a 5 gallon/20 liter capacity They can be made smaller or larger upon request up to 2o inches tall.  Price will be less for smaller sizes, more for larger vessels.

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4-Handled Wine Dispensing Amphora with Brass Tap 

20 liter/5 gallon capacity

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This amphora holds almost 20 liters/5 gallons and stands about 20 inches tall (50 cm)  (17 inches/42.5 cm without the lid).  The mouth opening is about 6 inches/15 cm in diameter at the widest point, and the vessel is about 13 inches in diameter at its widest point.  It weighs about 25 lbs empty.  The tap is packaged separately to reduce possibility of damage, and requires minimal assembly. (instructions included)


You can have a favorite saying inscribed at no extra charge.  This one says: "Fa piu' miracoli un'anfora piena di vino che una chiesa piena di santi." Translation from the Italian: "More miracles are created by an amphora full of wine than by a church full of saints." S. Mortelliti, CANADA

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1.5 Liter Decanter

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 (comes with cork)

11 inches (28 cm) tall

"Nunc est bibendum" (Now it is time for us to drink) incised on the bottom


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Cups: $20.00 each 

3 inches (8 cm.) tall

Shown here with alabaster white glaze,

Other colors available, e-mail us:


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