Our past works and commissions, now in loving homes...Click on Images Below to Enlarge

Any of these past works can be duplicated as an original for the same price as listed below.

PRINTS are AVAILABLE up to Standard Poster Size (24 x 36) email me for Pricing


"Red House"

Oil on Linen 2023

20 x 26(30 x 39 cm) $4000.00

Diptych "Buoys on a Red Shed" Oil on Linen August 2020

"They bob in the precarious waters of the Chesapeake Bay clinging to their pots, but for now, they slumber; their vibrant colors bask in the sun absorbing her energy for another day. "

(Words by Lauren Anthony)

$7000.00 for both panels, sold as a set (diptych)

Each Panel measures 20 x 36 (50 x 90cm)

"Faded Rose "

Oil on Linen 2020

6 x 6" (15 x 15cm) $700.00


"It looks damn fine...and rather sad as though exhausted by beauty."

Words by David McMillan


"Secret Admirer " Oil on Linen 2020

5 x 7" (13 x 17cm) $700.00


"Overdraft" Oil on 2020

8 x 10 (12 x 15 cm)




"Cows Coming Home" Oil on Canvas 2018

"If you’re asking yourself where the balance comes from in this landscape, it precedes the lightly intimidating wave of the hills behind. All is moderated by the certainty that the animals know not to rush. Home awaits. As it always will."

18"x 24"(45 x60cm) $2200.00

Words by David McMillan

"Little Dolls" Oil on Linen, 2019

9 x 12 (22 x 30cm) $1200.00


"Eujenio y Francesquita Montano 1944"

Oil on Linen June 2020 9x12 $1200.00

(Restoration from an old black and white photograph)

"Orb Party" Oil on Linen, 2019

20 x 16 (50x40cm) $2200.00



"Blue Orb at Hampton Beach New Hampshire"

Oil on Canvas, 2019

16 x 20 (40x50cm) $2200.00



"Amazonite and Rose Quartz" Oil on Linen 2018

8x10 (20x25cm) $1100.00


"Portrait of Leah" Oil on Canvas 2018 $550.00

8x10 (20x25cm)


"Dino and Rocky" Oil on Canvas 2018 12x16



"Portrait of My Beloved"

Oil on Canvas 2018 12 x16 (30x40cm)

Property Of the Artist

"Lab Puppies: Lily's First Litter"

Colored Pencil on Bristol Vellum 2020

7 x12 (18x30cm) $175.00

"Ayrton" Graphite on Bristol Vellum 11x17 (28x42cm) 2018


"Camille" Graphite on BristolVellum 11x17 (28x42cm) 2018


"The Hug" Graphite on Bristol Vellum 11x17 (28x42cm) 2015


"ZEN" 5 x 7 Colored Pencil on Bristol Plate (11x17.5 cm) 2018


"Portrait of Maude Fealy" Colored Pencil on Bristol Vellum 9x12 (22x30cm) 2018


"Dino" Graphite on Bristol Vellum 11x17 (28x42cm) 2018

Property Of the Artist

YOUR Pencil Portrait Done Like This: $350.00

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