Past Works: Best of Venetian Cat's Pottery

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Note: This page reflects the finest of the historical reproduction and Italian Maiolica pieces made from 2003-2017. We are no longer producing pottery.
This Vessel was custom made for St Theresa's Catholic School in Sugar Land Texas USA,and features their mascot, a Griffin, on one side, and Athena on the other.

It was commissioned by Dr. Dean Cassella, who is a Classical Studies professor there. Dr. Cassella was kind enough to translate my name into ancient Greek so that I could sign the body of the piece, much as the ancient Greek potters did, in a vertical line down the side. It says, "Youlia egrapse ka poiese me" or, Julia drew and made me.

It stands 28 inches tall and is 17 inches in diameter.


Athena : copied from a vase by the Eucharides Painter. 'Athena and two riders,' ca. 485 BC. Walters Art Museum (48.2105): Museum purchase, 1958.

Anonymous (Greek). 'Black-Figure Panathenaic Amphora with Athena,' 500-485 BC. ceramic with glaze. Walters Art Museum (48.2109): Museum purchase, 1958.)


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