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Panathenaic Amphora Repro 28 inches (70cm) tall (video at bottom of page)|11"x 14"(27 x 32 cm)Pencil on Bristol Paper "The Hug"

(updated April 2018) 



c/o Julia Passamonti
12 Camino Romeroville
Las Vegas, New Mexico 87701
(505) 652-1033

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Our ROMAN Amphorae are featured on  NBC's 30 Rock on January 14th, 2010, Episode # 409, "Claus and Greta"  as well as in Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief  (in the scene "Camp Half Blood").    

About the Artist:

Hello, my name is Julia Passamonti-Colamartino.

I am a bilingual first generation Italian-American and full time artist. Each work that I create is unique, with careful attention being paid to workmanship and detail.

I was born an artist and have been an ancient history buff all my life, having started out as an oil portrait artist working in the style of the old Italian and Dutch Renaissance Masters. But I also love the malleability and timelessness of clay just as much, and have found a way to combine both my joy of painting and my love of ancient history by reproducing ancient vessels as well as doing portraits and fantasy oil paintings in the old style. Thus, I'm not only an artist as is known today, but as one of times long past. I combine ancient techniques along with today's wonderful modern technology to create my work.

The Venetian Cat Studio began in 2004 with a gift of patronage from my mother, Camille Passamonti,a portrait artist and former art teacher. My passion for things ancient began as a child during frequent visits to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. I was particularly drawn to Greek and Roman pottery as well as the fine detail and realism of Baroque oil paintings by artists such as Rembrandt and Velasquez.

During a visit to a pottery factory in Castelli Italy at age 9, I first saw vases being decorated with ornate, delicate designs, and wanted desperately to learn the technique.
Unfortunately, they were not taught in US schools, so it has taken me many years to understand how Baroque painting, Italian pottery (specifically Italian maiolica) and ancient Greek and Roman pottery were produced. I am always learning new things through the information and feedback that I get from my wonderful customers.

Although I do hold a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design, I am mostly self-taught. Our studio is in Las Vegas New Mexico, where I reside with a colony of quasi-feral kitties.

Dino, my Beloved partner, Soulmate, and Best Friend, transcended this reality in October of 2017. You are sorely missed, my love.

A portion of all our proceeds are donated to

Feral Cat Rescue/Trap-Neuter-Return

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Alternative Cancer Treatment



The Venetian Cat Studio is an interactive company where customers submit ideas for most of what we sell. We work primarily in terra cotta clay as well as pencil on vellum and in oils on canvas. Each piece we sell is an original hand-made work of art. All pottery is fully functional.

Own a Little Piece of History!

What our customers have to say


This Vessel was custom made for St Theresa's Catholic School in Sugar Land Texas USA,and features their mascot, a Griffin, on one side, and Athena on the other.

It was commissioned by Dr. Dean Cassella, who is a Classical Studies professor there. Dr. Cassella was kind enough to translate my name into ancient Greek so that I could sign the body of the piece, much as the ancient Greek potters did, in a vertical line down the side. It says, "Youlia egrapse ka poiese me" or, Julia drew and made me.

It stands 28 inches tall and is 17 inches in diameter.


Athena : copied from a vase by the Eucharides Painter. 'Athena and two riders,' ca. 485 BC. Walters Art Museum (48.2105): Museum purchase, 1958.

Anonymous (Greek). 'Black-Figure Panathenaic Amphora with Athena,' 500-485 BC. ceramic with glaze. Walters Art Museum (48.2109): Museum purchase, 1958.)


Enjoy the video, and thanks for looking!


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c/o Julia Passamonti
12 Camino Romeroville
Las Vegas, New Mexico 87701
(505) 652-1033

We are on US Mountain Time (GMT -7)